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ving as many | volleys as● there were sentinels,

he fired the two■ barrels of his gun so near tog■eth

e ●windows where the Guerrillas were, and a brigh●t red flame leaped up towards the sky● on the wings of the wind. The ell of the■ house had been fired and was b●urning fiercely. Quantrell’s● face—just a little paler than usual—had a set■ loo

er that they | sounded as one barre■l. Both Feder

als fell, one dead, ■the other mortally wounded

k that was not good to se■e. The tiger was at bay. Many of the men’s rev●olvers were empty, and in order to gain time ●to reload them, another parl■ey was held. The talk was of surrender. The Fed■eral commander demanded immediate submissio■n, and Shep